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10.07.2016 – OUTSIDE ONLINE


Fred Beckey is Climbing's Living Encyclopedia. Fred Beckey all but invented the sport of climbing with daring first ascents of peaks once thought unclimbable. At 93, his brain might be the greatest repository of information about American mountaineering in existence.

09.07.2016 – GEAR JUNKIE


Dirtbag extraordinaire Fred Beckey broke the mold on first ascents among Americans. His tenacity, perseverance, and unwavering dedication to climbing made him as much an outcast as an icon. But one trait he is to everyone who’s known him is tough. An upcoming documentary sheds light on the man who made seemingly impossible feats of his day seem ordinary.





A Living Legend. Fred Beckey, a living legend among Northwest Mountaineers, is a climber, environmentalist, historian, and author. He's recognized as the most imaginative, persistent, and thorough explorer and mountain investigator of the Cascade Range Wilderness. He was noted as “one of America’s most colorful and eccentric mountaineers,” and is unofficially recognized as the all-time world-record holder for the number of first ascents credited to one man.



08.09.2016 – THE CLEANEST LINE


First impressions of Fred are that he’s disheveled, he’s extremely frugal and he’s never settled down—his is a vagabond life of never-ending climbing trips, even in his late 80s. These are not faults, but conscious choices in the life of someone who dedicates everything to his passion of climbing mountains. To fault Fred for these attributes would be to complain that Einstein spent too much time cooped up scribbling equations, or to ridicule Beethoven for all his time sitting at a piano. Fred’s seemingly chaotic lifestyle is, in fact, a careful plan of ultimate dedication...



He's notched more first ascents than any other American mountaineer, wrote the definitive guidebooks to a major North American mountain range, and at age 93, Fred Beckey is still plotting routes — though more slowly and buoyed by a cadre of fiercely protective partners. For years, stories have floated around about the man known as much for his eccentric personality as for his singular obsession with climbing...

08.09.2016 – THE CLEANEST LINE


This all began when I decided to hand-write a letter that I figured would never be read. I definitely did not expect it to be answered. First, I had to find the address of a man I wasn’t even sure had one.


I’ve always been intrigued by the pioneers of the sports I love. The adventurous few that broke trail for the rest of us into the unknown when maps were sparse and gear was heavy. Real explorers...



How many Fred Beckey first ascents have you climbed? Compiled by Danika Gilbert.

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You don't have to know anything about mountain climbing to recognize Fred Beckey as a special kind of powerhouse. For those who do recognize the name, he's more myth than man. Before REI, GoreTex, or titanium gear, ravenous climbers were fueled by legends about the impossible places Fred Beckey had been and his guidebooks that proved it.


Beckey is one of the most confounding, notorious, and impressive figures in the history of American outdooring, and the film Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey is ready to show us why

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Rock climb in North America long enough and eventually you’ll see these words: The Beckey Route. Then you’ll see them again. And again. And you’ll start to notice the man’s name on damn near every page of every guidebook containing traditional and alpine climbs. And beside his name, you’ll see the words, “First Ascent.”


That’s because Fred Beckey is one of the most accomplished adventurists/rock climbers/people to ever look at cliffs and mountains and see a climbable lines. Anyone who fancies themselves a climbing bum likewise owes Beckey a debt of gratitude.

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‘Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey’ Profiles a Quintessential Mountain Climber... The mythology of Fred Beckey has become almost superhuman. This film will encompass his legacy.


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Fred Beckey got his start climbing with The Mountaineers in the 1940s, and went on to establish himself as the original dirtbag. We don't need to tell you he's a legend... Beckey is coming to The Mountaineers to celebrate the launch of a film chronicling his life, "Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey." Join the legendary mountaineer for a rare slideshow presentation and a first look at the extended film trailer on July 26.

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Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey is an upcoming documentary from Dave O’Leske that tells the story of a rebellious climbing icon who inspired a generation with his daring ascents and commitment to living off the grid. Now 93 years old, Fred Beckey has remained a mysterious figure with a controversial reputation in the climbing community. This film takes us inside the fascinating life of a legend and is a must-see for 2017.



We are all well acquainted with the term “Ski Bum” to describe a person that leads a life with the sole pursuit of skiing. Sacrificing career, relationships and well being to maximize time spent on the mountain.


Climbing has a similar designation known as the “Dirtbag.” This is a documentary about the original dirtbag, Fred Beckey, an American climbing icon who has made hundreds of first ascents, more than any other North American climber.